Masonry Exterior

Home Improvement With Masonry Exterior

Stone and brick provide comfortable tones with timeless durability, whether you’re upgrading your home or simply adding an accent to your outside. Here’s a rundown of what you should know about brickwork.

Man-Made Vs. Natural

Do you prefer familiarity or uniqueness? If you like stones, you can express your personality simply by selecting a suitable stone. Quarried natural stone is transported, which may be more expensive than the materials, depending on the type of stone and location. Natural stones offer a home with a simple, traditional aesthetic. On the other hand, artificial stone is made by combining cement, aggregate, and color, and it’s practically impossible to differentiate from natural stone. You also have the option of creating an appearance that is distinct from others using man-made stones. Decide what you want and make a decision!



Consider painting as a way to improve your masonry features if you enjoy painting. Painting an existing brick exterior may be a possible remodeling method depending on architectural styles and brick types. However, such a modification is permanent and demands maintenance every few years. In addition, incorrect paint application can retain moisture, causing surface deterioration and structural damage after freezing. If you are unsure about it, consult a specialist who specializes in masonry projects.

Change The Surface

A veneer, which is a thin coating of a material such as brick or natural or artificial stone, can be used to change the appearance of an existing wall. These pieces dress up a surface without the cost or support that an actual stone or brick construction would require. Veneers can be used on various surfaces, including brick, concrete blocks, poured concrete, and more. Wood framing, stiff foam, and other surfaces can all benefit from artificial stone veneers.

Change The Surface

Experiment With Patterns

Try this if you want to introduce multiple patterns. Extend your home’s external style into the landscape with garden walks and walls to create a sense of coherence. With a pattern, style statements can be woven brick by brick or stone by stone. A typical running-bond brick plan suggests a modest cottage atmosphere, while a herringbone pattern recalls formal elegance.

Retain The History

If you’re a history buff, who wants to bring a touch of the past to your home? To find antique brick pavers rescued from ancient streets, contact local brickyards and architectural salvage shops. This will assist you in enhancing your home’s classic charm while also enhancing its worth.

Retain The History

Cut Out On Things

For dedicated do-it-yourselfers, masonry projects such as pathways and low walls are possible—lay bricks or pavers in designs that minimize cuttings whenever possible. Use a saw which has a dry-cut diamond blade to make a small number of cuts by hand. Rent a saw from a hardware store for major work to reduce wear and tear on your power tools while saving money.

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